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The FreeDOS Shell project came into my mind in Christmas 2002, while I was browsing FreeDOS archives.

I had already contributed very minimally to FreeDOS Undelete with an help screen, but nothing more. I wouldn't have got involved in the FreeDOS project until a friend of mine donated me the Visual Basic for MS-DOS 1.0 Standard Edition, with which I could program system-related things relatively easily. Subsequently, I didn't found in the BASE.ZIP archive something resembling the functionality of the MS-DOS Shell that came out with MS-DOS (and IBM Personal Computer DOS) up to release 6.0. I remember how easy it was to manage files using that graphical tool. But I also remember his limits, especially if compared with the divine utility, Norton Commander.

My aim is therefore not only to reproduce, but also to enhance the functionalities of this program, in order to help FreeDOS reaching his stages.

I hope the users could appreciate my efforts, and comments are welcome there.

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